Industry Intelligence Service Report

The MFAA’s Industry Intelligence Service (IIS) report provides reliable, accurate and timely market intelligence for the mortgage broking sector.

It is produced twice a year, for the six months ending 31 March and ending 30 September.

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Refinancing and mortgage stress

Our Refinancing and mortgage stress survey is conducted to understand how changes in the lending market and economy are impacting borrowers.


We produce whitepapers and discussion papers on issues impacting our members and their clients.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Our research on DEI in the mortgage and finance broking industry began in 2018 with our ‘Opportunities for Women’ initiative, designed to provide the industry with strategies to support greater inclusion of women.

From 2024 we have broadened our focus to a wider lens across aspects of DEI.

Download the 2024 MFAA DEI member survey fact sheet.

Find out more about our Opportunities for Women initiative.

Young Professionals

The MFAA recognises the importance of developing improved strategies to attract and retain brokers to support industry growth, in both volumes, market share and member quality.

For this reason, we undertake regular research and run regular panels to determine what motivates young professionals to join the industry, their challenges, aspirations and outlooks, compared with those of established brokers.

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Commissioned reports

The MFAA, in conjunction with industry bodies, have commissioned reports over the years including The Value of Mortgage Broking.