18 Aug 2021
Syd / Mel: 14:00
Bris: 14:00
Perth: 12:00

CPD Hour


COVID-19 has increased the already demanding pressures on brokers in 2021. Finding ways to survive the chaos, manage your workload and maintain effective relationships can be challenging.

MIlo-Arne Wilkinson among many among many other talents is a behavioral scientist, peak performance coach and therapist.

Milo-Arne will share:

  • Her domestic and global observations of human behaviour through the last year and a half of this crisis
  • What your brain is doing through this period and how it is influencing your behaviour
  • Tips to reduce the anxiety and stress you may be encountering
  • Tips to make the 'work from home' work and maintain relationships.

About our presenter:

Milo-Arne Wilkinson

Milo-Arne Wilkinson was a standout presenter at the MFAA Virtual Conference in 2020. Milo-Arne is a behavioural scientist who for the past twenty years has specialised in analysing and predicting human behaviour. Whilst Milo-Arne has a strong academic background, Milo-Arne prides herself on translating behavioural sciences into the real-world application.

Putting it simply... 'I like to make sense of human behaviour in a practical, real and relaxed way'.