A Finance Broker helps the borrower by providing expert information and contacts, by 'comparison shopping' the many loans available in the marketplace on the borrower’s behalf, and by facilitating a smooth transaction with little hassle to the borrower. Brokers have access to a wide range of lenders and products, and should aim to source an appropriate loan for their clients. Finance brokers offer professional credit advice and more options to give consumers greater choice.

Getting started to becoming a broker

For further assistance, please contact us as we are well positioned to assist you with:

  • The benefits and value of being an MFAA member,
  • A more detailed overview of the industry including the role of aggregators and lenders,
  • Education and continuing professional development requirements,
  • Mentoring requirements,
  • Licensing information,
  • Various industry career pathways, and
  • Other information on how to get started including an appointment with one of our business development managers.