The MFAA provides Mentors and Mentees with access to a new and innovative Mentoring Program which has been developed specifically for our industry stakeholders in partnership with the Institute of Strategic Management (ISM).

The program is a cost-efficient investment for Mentors and Mentees and is an industry-leading, dynamic leadership program available to members.

Program Outline

The MFAA Mentoring Program consists of four stages, nominally completed over 24 months, subject to fast tracking.

Each stage includes learning material, resources and tools such as checklists, assessment tools, business planning systems, budgeting, cash flow management tools, networking and other lead generation methods.

The program consists of various activities and tasks where a Mentee will need to demonstrate competence in as a pre-requisite to commencing the next stage.

Our purpose built Mentee/Mentor portal and process provides a 'passbook' approach to monitoring and tracking progress for management of a Mentoring plan.

Mentors work with Mentees to ensure they demonstrate competence and then sign-off on evidence regarding progress and final competence assessment.

What are the benefits of MFAA Mentoring?

  1. The program gives you an individual, tailored mentoring plan based on a pre-assessment (mentor and mentee).
  2. Fast tracking - gained from previous demonstrated experience - is incorporated as part of your  pre-assessment.
  3. The program is split into four stages, each stage taking approximately six months to complete.
  4. The program will run in parallel to the Diploma, complementing and supporting your formal studies.
  5. The framework is structured to a ‘real life’ 60:30:10 mix: 60% on-the-job learning, 30% Mentoring (peer to peer learning), and 10% formal training.
  6. Progress is tracked and accessed via your own personal tracking tool, or passport. Your portal provides a shared and collaborative dashboard.

Mentees can complete the two year program and optionally combine a Diploma Finance and Mortgage Broking Management in the first 12 months with the Institute of Strategic Management or with another appropriate Registered Training Office.

The MFAA Mentoring program is an accessible, affordable, structured, consistent and dynamic program.  The associated cost structure is as follows:

Mentee Program Enrolment $880.00 (incl. GST) per mentee (excludes diploma costs)

Become an MFAA mentor

The MFAA is seeking expressions of interest from members who are interested in becoming an MFAA Accredited Mentor in the revised MFAA mentoring program.

  • Mentor – One off initial Registration Fee $660 (GST included) per mentor
  • Mentor – Annual subscription license for Aggregators and Mortgage Managers $82.50 (GST included) per mentor
  • Mentor – Annual subscription license for Non Aggregators and Mortgage Managers $27.50 (GST included) per mentor 

Register your interest

Please register your interest by contacting Professional Development on 1300 554 817 or email

Assessed and Accredited Mentor Program

MFAA encourages the adoption of the associations industry mentoring program. The program is contemporary, modern, innovative and will be dynamically maintained and improved with industry input. 

However an Aggregator or Mortgage Manager may prefer to have their own program accredited with the MFAA.

This process will require an assessment and evaluation of the proposed Mentoring Program and regular review once accredited.

Please contact Professional Development on 1300 554 817 or email for further information.