Empowering high-school aged students to become entrepreneurs

Developed in conjunction with one of the country’s top brokers, Mhairi MacLeod of Astute Ability Finance Group, the School Entrepreneurs Program empowers high-school age students to run mock start-up business as part of their commerce or economics class.

"It does not matter who you are, or where you come from, money is a global currency and is what makes the world turn. Equipping young people with the financial know-how to establish a business is a positive step towards enhancing financial literacy."
MFAA broker and program developer, Mhairi MacLeod of Astute Ability Group

MFAA finance brokers are ideally positioned to deliver this program due to their financial literacy and competencies and their business management and administration experience. 
They visit their local school or institution for an hour each week, over 6-10 weeks, working as business advisers alongside the teachers, to help students develop, launch and manage a mock start-up business. Finance brokers, most owning and operating their own businesses, share their extensive business, commercial and entrepreneurial experience.

WATCH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=diVLESOy374

Watch the School Entrepreneurs Program video here.

How it works

Over a school term, finance brokers work with students to:

• Split into teams to form a business, with students taking on 'positions' - CMO, COO, CEO, etc
• Decide on a business name and logo and register this business
• Develop a product or service
• Develop a basic business plan
• Learn about the various business functions including finance, marketing, operations and human resources
• Make choices regarding profit, loss and future business direction

Benefits for brokers:

Delivering the School Entrepreneurs Program to a local high school or youth community group is a very rewarding experience, both personally and professionally.

There is the potential to:

• Earn 12 CPD hours for delivering the standard six-part program - each part should typically take an hour to deliver
• Raise awareness of the need for increased financial literacy and entrepreneurial skills.
• Help give students some real-life business skills in an engaging way.
• Create new connections within the local community.
• Create and grow the business' brand equity.
• Create indirect medium-to-long-term business opportunities with parents, teachers and community stakeholders.

Brokers, get involved!

MFAA members, if you would like to get involved with the School Entrepreneurs Program, visit our Community Engagement Programs page here.

A joint initiative between:

Astute Ability Finance Group