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Our suite of calculators cover the various needs of residential and commercial end-customers.

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Loan calculators


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The full MFAA suite

Borrowing Power Calculator Loan Repayment Calculator Comparison Rate Calculator Savings Goal Calculator - How Long to Save
Compound Interest Calculator Budget Planner Extra Repayment Calculator Savings Goal Calculator - How Much to Deposit
Home Loan Offset Calculator How Long to Repay Calculator Income Tax Calculator Fortnightly Repayment Calculator
Interest Only Mortgage Calculator Introductory Rate Loan Calculator Leasing Calculator Mortgage Switching Calculator
Loan Comparison Calculator Property Selling Cost Calculator Property Buying Cost Calculator Rent vs Buy Calculator
Credit Card Calculator Reverse Mortgage Calculator Saving Calculator Lump Sum Repayment Calculator
Split Loan Calculator Stamp Duty Calculator Income Annualisation Calculator Income Gross Up Calculator


How loan calculators can help!
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^For the year up to 18 September 2019. ‘Queries’ were in relation to search terms ‘mortgage’. Results from Google Trends (