Industry Intelligence Service Report

The MFAA’s Industry Intelligence Service (IIS) report provides reliable, accurate and timely market intelligence for the mortgage broking sector.

Download the IIS 12 Report here

Download the IIS 12 Commercial Finance Snapshot here

It is designed, produced and delivered by comparator, a CoreLogic business, and a recognised provider of performance benchmarking, market diagnostics and ad-hoc investigative services to the retail financial services sector in Australia and New Zealand.

The IIS report profiles quantitative variables including:

  • broker resourcing
  • deployment
  • recruitment and retention
  • new business acquisition
  • loan portfolios

It provides performance metrics or benchmarks for the industry and for the prevailing models of wholesale aggregators and franchised broker models.

Individual results for participating aggregators are completely confidential and are never provided to the MFAA, nor to other brokers.

The MFAA’s IIS report is produced twice a year, for the six months ending March 31st and the six months ending September 30th.

Business Benchmarking Reports

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