Our 14,000 plus members cover Australia and their work is often about enabling everyday Australians to purchase their biggest asset - the family home.

Our core programs include Opportunities for Women and the School Entrepreneurs program.

Opportunities for Women

The MFAA ‘Opportunities for Women’ program is designed to provide the finance sector with a set of strategies that, when implemented, will support the greater inclusion of women in the industry.

Based on quantitative and qualitative data, the purpose of the research and reports is to generate broader industry discussion focussed on the need, and the actions required, to improve the industry’s acquisition and retention of women and other diverse professionals.

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School entrepreneurs program

Developed in conjunction with one of the country’s top brokers, Mhairi Macleod of Astute Ability Finance, this high school curriculum-aligned program teaches Year 9-10 Business Studies, Commerce and Economics high school students the fundamentals of running a real start-up business.

The program is based on a real-life pilot program and the MFAA provides the necessary tools to help brokers connect with their local community.

Delivering the program to a local high school or youth community group is a rewarding experience, both personally and professionally.

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