The MFAA’s social media interview series, “MFAA Groundbreakers” recognises the mortgage broker industry innovators and small business thought leaders – people who’ve forged new ideas of doing business and building on our industry. The MFAA marketing team speaks to entrepreneurs about the challenges they’ve faced, their aspirations to build on business opportunities and what inspires them to keep trying when barriers arise.

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Greg Moshal

Greg Moshal: Culture critical for broker business success

Over $500m has been loaned to more than 12,000 Australian small businesses in just over five years.

PROSPA’s co-founder, Greg Moshal is not afraid to lay down the numbers of the online lender’s growth since entering the market and he tells the MFAA how critical culture is to driving a future-focused company. MORE>

Beau Bertoli

Beau Bertoli’s fearless approach to failure

Meet Beau Bertoli, co-founder of Prospa, who has more than 13-years' experience managing different businesses - all with their own challenges and successes.

Beau tells the MFAA why embracing failure and having a fearless approach to trying new things - be it product, technology, or even a marketing campaign - gives Prospa a competitive edge in a highly-competitive industry. MORE>




Hume Leow
Entourage Finance


Lessons from a stubbornly successful award-winner: Hume Leow

Entourage Finance's Hume Leow says to be successful in this industry you need to be “stubborn.” Hume shares why being stubborn leads to success; it means having a steadfast future-focussed attitude, good industry relationships and providing great quality customer service. MORE>. 


brett spencer
Brett Spencer
Opica Group



Brett Spencer on fear-of-failure to multi-million-dollar success

Brett Spencer was afraid to fail when he launched the first BPO solution and later his responsible lending platform. But his small ideas have turned into multi-million-dollar successes. Brett gives you his lessons in success and failure. MORE>. 


renee tocco
Renee Tocco



Owning a niche and reaping the benefits

Loanezi's Renee Tocco has developed a profitable commercial broking business and won nine industry awards within her first two years, she's also "fallen in love with broking". Renee shares why it's so important to find your niche. MORE>. 



Aaron and Bernadette Christie-David
Atelier Wealth


Building and balancing a successful husband-wife broker team

They’re the award-winning and pioneering husband-and-wife team at Atelier Wealth building a thriving business by day, and balancing home life by night. Aaron and Bernadette share how they’ve built a high-performing, yet dynamic team; and how the challenges of a learning curve and industry competition could be an advantage for new brokers. MORE>. 

Sean Breen
Sean Breen
Conquer Finance


Sean Breen: The right balance between broking and burgers

Managing one of Melbourne’s top burger blogs may be his passion, but Sean Breen is also racking up wins as the director of up-and-coming brokerage, Conquer Finance. Sean tells us why he became a broker, how he balances broking and his passion for food blogging, and his tips for social media. MORE>. 


Aussie prospect2
Matthew Rose, Belinda Woodley, and
Sam Walker
Aussie Prospect


Aussie Prospect on how to drive service and scale as a three-person co-owned brokerage

'Three's a crowd' isn't always the case, according to Aussie. Co-managed by three directors, Matthew Rose, Belinda Woodley and Sam Walker, they'd built up an award-winning team that services over 36 suburbs across Adelaide. The directors share how they got here, and their strategies for success in a shared ownership brokerage. MORE>

Nancy Youssef,
Classic Finance Group


Nancy Youssef creating a business for good

As a founding partner of the Human Kind Project, broker Nancy Youssef has raised over $100,000 to fund education programs in Africa. Nancy shares her insights on how she built her business, Classic Finance Group, and how she manages this alongside her philanthropic work. MORE>


Joel Wyld, 


Joel Wyld and the winning formula to securing TV coverage

Joel Wyld has built his own successful brokerage, Peasy, secured a coveted regular TV spot on Sky Business, and is a member of the MFAA's Young Professional panel. Here, Joel shares the challenges experienced as a young broker, and about his plans to "become the biggest broking business" in Australia. MORE>


Roger Ward, 
Cairns Mortgage Brokers  

Roger Ward on building a high value business through planning and PR

Roger Ward has built a successful referrals-based business, runs a successful pro-bono program helping disadvantaged women and is one of Queensland’s highly awarded brokers. We speak to Roger who shares his tips for building a profitable and community-engaged business. MORE>


Janine Leafe,
Informed Loans  


Janine Leafe on broker education's need to evolve

Janine Leafe has built a following of 23,000+ LinkedIn connections and has won the Young Professional Award at this year's WA MFAA State Excellence Award. She shares her story on how she got here, where she’s going, and her approach to supporting strong female talent entering the industry. MORE>

Sharon Piening,
The 500 Group,  

Sharon Piening on commercial asset finance - more than just a competitive edge

Sharon Piening had more than 21 years’ experience in banking and had a passion for working in the field of asset finance, but it was working with commercial business owners that motivated her to leave her secure job and join the team at The 500 Group. In just two years, Sharon has become an award-winning, and an up-and-coming, commercial asset finance specialist. MORE>

Janine Ashmore,
Aussie - Darwin 

Breaking the boundaries of regional broking

While there is no silver bullet to succeeding as a regional broker, Janine shares her tips for servicing clients in a slower market; how she got to where she is now; and how she keeps creating local exposure for her business. MORE>

Narelle Kerstan,
Gloss Finance 

Getting ahead of change critical to broker survival

With more than 25 years of industry experience, Narelle tells the MFAA about her success with word-of-mouth marketing, her survival tips to navigate your business through change and her insights into the future of the industry. MORE>

Boris Biskupic,
E-Financial Solutions


Passion and professionalism: e-Financial's Boris Biskupic on social media and mentoring

E-Financial's Boris Biskupic tells the MFAA how invaluable a mentor is for new brokers; the crucial steps to getting it right from the start and how he’s found success in new business referrals with his social media marketing strategies. MORE> 


Susan Lepidi (left) & Kylie Platt (right),
The Local Loan Company

Why local community marketing is worth your time

The Local Loan Company’s Kylie Platt and Susan Lepidi, winners of the National MFAA SOLD – Community Champion Awards, said being a business leader in your local community can be rewarding if you have a genuine interest in helping the people around you. MORE> 

Vinay Gehi,
Copper Finance 

Vinay Gehi on breaking into broking: “best decision I have ever made”

Inspired by the efforts of a broker he met, Copper Finance's Vinay Gehi made the brave move into broking and has fallen in love with the job since. He now services a vast array of clients as a sole-trader, has been nominated for Connective’s Customer Service and New to Industry Broker award and has built his brand providing first home buyer info sessions around Melbourne. MORE> 

Marissa Schulze,
Rise High Financial Solutions

Brokerages need more female talent to drive business success

Meet Marissa Schulze, director of thriving husband-wife owned brokerage, Rise High Financial Solutions , a rising female business leader who does business a little differently. She is keen to share her business perspectives on how she got here, where she's going, and her strategies to bring more female talent to the industry. MORE> 

Dylan Salotti,
Divitis Finance 

“For me, there was no option. You have to keep going.” Sparky turned broker, Dylan Salotti, on building a business

The MFAA spoke to Dylan Salotti, electrician turned mortgage broker and the MFAA Young Professional Award winner in NSW, who established and built the Divitis Finance brand through social media marketing, networking events and speaking spots at property seminars. MORE> 

Mary Degetto,

Pt 2: How brokerages can avoid social media marketing failure

With great lead-generation potential, it's no wonder brokerages are latching on to the business benefits of social media marketing. Natloan's director and TV co-host of Dollars with Sense, Mary Degetto shares her top tips to utilise social media marketing as a tool for new business opportunities. READ MORE> 

Mary Degetto,


Pt 1: Why your prospects don’t see your brand

Building a loyal social media following for your online business profile will take time, patience, commitment and a fair bit of trial and error. Mary Degetto debunks the social media marketing myths of budgeting and lead-generation for brokers.  READ MORE>


Bernard Desmond,
Loan Market



The fears and rewards of becoming a broker

From building a new client base to adapting to lender policy changes, being a young broker has its fair share of challenges. The MFAA speaks to Bernard Desmond about his fears and aspirations of the new job, and how he deals with them. READ MORE