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MFAA Initial Compliance Pack

Course Description

Finance Brokers are required to comply with various legislation and regulations which govern corporate, broker and lending activities. This course is designed to assist finance brokers in their understanding and compliance with key legislation. The course contains a series of modules and assessments and includes the updated AML3 requirements in Module 5.

Course Details

Completion of this course is a requirement of MFAA Membership. Please make sure you have reviewed and understand the requirements of MFAA membership prior to commencing this course.

This course meets MFAA membership requirements as a new member. Self-study workbook and assessment modules include:

  • Module 1: NCCP
  • Module 2: Privacy Act
  • Module 3: Compliance Essentials
  • Module 4: MFAA Standards and Operating Guidelines
  • Module 5: Anti Money Laundering/Counter Terrorism Financing Act 3
  • Module 6: Literacy and Numeracy

If you have already completed MFAA AML/CTF please contact us to update this assessment in your profile.

Assessment: The course consists of six (6) online multiple-choice assessments:

  • Literacy 1 - Pass Mark 100%
  • Literacy 2 - Pass Mark 100%
  • Literacy 3 - Pass Mark 100%
  • Numeracy - Pass Mark 100%
  • Compliance - Pass Mark 90%
  • AML/CTF -  Pass Mark 90%

Adobe Reader is required visit to download the study guide.

Important: By enrolling in this course you agree to complete the course within 90 days from the date of purchase. If you do not complete the course within this timeframe your enrolment will automatically expire. If you wish to complete the course you must repurchase and start the course from the beginning.  

As legislation, regulation and regulatory advice changes, this course has a validity for 5 years.

Cancellation Policy: Please view the MFAA cancellation policy

Enquiries: Please contact MFAA Professional Development or 1300 554 817.