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MFAA Equipment and Commercial Finance program (Beginner to Intermediate)

Course Description

The E&CF beginner to intermediate course is a prerequisite of the advanced course.

Course Details

Introduction to Equipment & Commercial Finance Broking - for non-complex transactions

Module 1 - Introduction:To Equipment and Commercial Finance market, Contribution margin and operating leverage, key criteria when choosing finance products
Module 2 - Commercial Finance Products:Commercial Finance Products. Sources of finance and how they are applied. The application process of each form of finance Key criteria clients need to consider when choosing financial products. 
Module 3 - The Credit Application Process: Understanding the assessment of complex credit applications, information required for assessment, understanding the structure of information in the credit application report. 
Module 4 - Financial Reports: Reports and their structure and how to interpret.  Income Statements, leading to understanding P&L service offering

Key take-aways from the course include:

What is Equipment & Commercial Finance?
• Professionalism, commitment fees, finance broking agreements, success fees
• Leasing, Chattel Mortgages, CHP, Commercial Finance – Debtor – Inventory – Supply Chain Finance – Commercial Property – Commercial Bills
• Construction – development – Limited Recourse

What are Legal & Regulatory Issues?
• Consumer vs Commercial, ASIC regulatory issues, NCC
• Privacy – commercial-in-confidence, Professionalism

What are Relevant Tax Issues?
• GST treatment, tax impact on debt, tax deductibility on costs, depreciation etc.

What is the Application & Approval Process?
• 5Cs of credit, PPSR, ownership issues, security issues
• Structuring considerations, advice vs information 

Assessment for this program will comprise of the following items: 

1. Completion of the activities that are provided throughout this module (these activities are completed as learning in the program, but are not required to be submitted to pass the program)

2. An end of section quiz with multiple choice questions to be answered online

Cancellation Policy: Please view the MFAA cancellation policy.