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MFAA Membership is valid for 12 months and must be renewed annually. You will receive email reminders prior.

All membership renewals are completed online by logging in to the MFAA website.

To renew your membership:

  1. Login to our website using your personal contact number (found on your renewal reminder email) and your password. If you have forgotten your password, when logging in you can click on I forgot my password to enable an email to be sent to you to allow you to change your password.
  2. Login will take you to your Dashboard page. Click on Renew my Membership Now
  3. Check and update your details and answer the declaration questions.
  4. For Finance Broker members, there are two other requirements. You will need to have completed 30 hours of CPD (Continuing Professional Development) over the last year of your membership. You will need to update this online if it hasn’t been updated previously Every second year, you will need to complete the AML Refresher (a short 20 question multiple choice quiz), which is accessed once you login and start renewing your membership
  5. For Finance Broker members being mentored, you will be asked to download a Mentor Declaration form, to be completed and returned to MFAA. This shows us that your Mentoring is either continuing satisfactorily, or has ended after 2 years. If you completed your Diploma of Mortgage Broking after joining MFAA, please forward a copy of this also.
  6. Pay your fees. You can pay immediately by credit/debit card, find bank deposit details, or you can generate a tax invoice if required.

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Accessing tax invoices, tax receipts and certificates

Once renewed, you will receive an email confirming membership renewal, with instructions on accessing your tax receipt and membership certificates. These will generate 15 minutes after your membership is renewed and will be available in the online membership portal.

You can then access your membership certificates or tax invoices/receipts anytime by...

1. Login to the members section of the MFAA website here
2. Go to the top menu ‘My Resources’ and then to ‘My Documents’ 
3. Download your documents (note: tax invoices (unpaid) start with ‘inv’ and tax receipts (paid) start with ‘mem’