09 Dec 2021
Syd / Mel: 14:00
Bris: 13:00
Perth: 11:00

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In August 2020, the ACSC released an alert advising about a growing trend of cybercriminals targeting the property and real estate sector to conduct business email compromise (BEC) scams in Australia. This trend has potential for significant financial harm. The alert encouraged all parties involved in the buying, selling and leasing of property to be vigilant when communicating via email, particularly during settlement periods.

This includes real estate agents, conveyancers and lawyers, mortgage lenders and any clients of these businesses. ACSC Cyber Threat Report 2020-2021 highlights that cybercriminals continue to steal significant amounts of money by impersonating trusted suppliers or business representatives through BEC, with the average loss per successful event increasing to more than $50,600.

This webinar will examine the cyber threat landscape and explain preventive measures to help brokers avoid a cyber incident. 

Learning outcomes:

  1. Learn how to access the latest cyber security advice and alerts
  2. Know how to avoid cyber threats and use preventive measures that prevent the majority of cyber incidents
  3. Access ACSC resources that can help you in securing your business.