01 Dec 2021
Syd / Mel: 14:00
Bris: 13:00
Perth: 11:00

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This webinar focusses on credit reporting, personal and company credit reports, and what brokers need to know about comprehensive credit reporting (CCR) including some important recent changes to CCR.

Presented by Victoria Coster, CEO of Credit Fix Solutions, and co-hosted by MFAA’s Naveen Ahluwalia, Head of Legal and Compliance, the presentation will give brokers a full understanding of credit reporting as it stands today and provide them with the tools to able to educate their clients on how to understand and improve credit reports themselves.

Learning outcomes:

  1. Understand personal and company credit report scoring systems, including the information presented in credit reports.
  2. Be familiar with comprehensive credit reporting.
  3. Recommend ways clients can understand and improve their credit reports themselves.