The MFAA is launching an upgrade to its consumer-targeted website's – Mortgage & Finance Help‘find-a-broker’ search directory, improving the customer's experience as they find and connect with finance brokers, and giving brokers more insights on how their listing is performing.

All MFAA finance broker members are automatically listed in this directory for free (unless they had previously opted-out).

Website upgrades include:

- An improved design and customer experience; engaging the customer more and making finding a broker's business and connecting with them more enjoyable.

- The option for customers to send an enquiry directly from the website to the broker, delivered straight to their inbox.

- A monthly analytics email to show listed brokers how their listing is performing.

- Security enhancements to help better protect broker listing details.

As the new and improved 'Standard' listing is offered for free to all MFAA finance broker members, all current listings will be automatically upgraded. Brokers do not need to take any further action.

The website upgrade is expected to occur on Monday 29 October.

Following the upgrade, brokers will automatically start receiving monthly emails reporting on the performance of their listing – including search recalls and listing views. These emails will be sent at the start of every month, and report on the previous month's activity.

If a member had previously opted out from appearing on the Mortgage & Finance Help website, but would now like to appear in the directory, they can now ‘opt-in’ by visiting the MFAA's My Resources website, logging in and ticking the 'I would like to have my business details and area/s of business made visible on the MFAA website' tick-box on the Update My Details page.

Members can ‘opt-out’ from receiving communications from Mortgage & Finance Help* (customer enquiries and monthly listing performance analytics emails), whilst still retaining their listing on the website by contacting 1300 554 817 or can choose to ‘opt-out’ from appearing on the site altogether.