Current email scams purportedly from the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC), appear to be genuine messages from the regulator relating to payment of a business invoice or renewal of business name registration.

The messages are simple but relatively sophisticated and mirror the type of content the regulator would send to an Australian business for a business payment or, for example, for renewal of registration of a business name. Other scam message types may be received.

Many business owners are time poor and are therefore not always able to perform appropriate checks on the messages they receive. Scammers will rely on this.

Some links in the scam messages are genuine and will take the user to authentic ASIC website links, however the most prominent links highlighted in a blue background state “ASIC Invoice” or “Renewal notice”. These link to a sham site intended to extract payment from the user or link to malware.

A copy of the content of two relevant example emails is shown below.

The MFAA suggests that, where any doubt exists, users should look closely at the domain of email addresses (highlighted in these cases below) to determine if the source of an email is genuine.

ASIC Email 1


ASIC Email 2