Brokers need to re-think their business practices and improve productivity

Posted: 7/03/2017

​​​​​​This International Women’s Day it’s worth considering​ as National MFAA:SOLD panel member and Astute Ability Group owner, Mhairi MacLeod, tell us that the path to improving your workplace mentality starts with you: "It's about bringing people together and interacting with your peers to help foster self-efficiency and social adaptability.

Brokers are in the business of people. If you're not thinking of ways to give back to your peers and engaging with your local community, your business could fall behind."

With more and more businesses embracin​g 'mindfulness', the MFAA has gathered some of the nation's top experts and created an event program that will enable you to take home practical strategies to help achieve a more productive, happier, healthier business. ​​

As part of the MFAA:SOLD initiative, the MFAA is running local sessions on mindful practices​ to aid members in becoming more balanced and successful through productivity.

At the event attendees will be provided with a step-by-step guide to assist achieving mindful practices; to help both members and their businesses become happier and healthier.​

The MFAA:SOLD roadshow takes place from 14 -23 March with limited availabilities, book your ticket now to secure your seat.  For more information, visit the MFAA:SOLD website.​

What are the focus of these events?

Many brokers have well established business practices and operations which often become second nature after some time. and may if fact be preventing the business from delivering the best possible outcomes. We are always trying to educate the members on new ways of thinking that has the potential to re-think and redesign the way they manage their day. This event has such a focus called 'mindfulness".

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is holistic look at effective behaviours that can re-focus a business owner to deliver improved productivity at the same time creating a better opportunities to service potential customers. The ability of a broker to develop better presence in meetings, the art form of gratefulness and eliminating unhelpful thought processes will all help a business grow. It is a new way of looking at the way brokers should conduct their activities to deliver the best outcomes.

Who are the speakers?

The speakers are all local-based presenters who are often business coaches as well as experts in 'mindful' thinking and managing productivity. The MFAA:SOLD speakers are seeking to impart their knowledge on the new approaches that are helping small business owners stay focused, relevant and positive in a market that can be influenced from disruptions at many levels. It is a great opportunity to pick up key tips that could lessen your frustration, improve time management and improve customer relationships.

What else is on the day?

The event will be accessible locally to all MFAA members who are working on community initiatives so members can learn how these engagement activities are driving website traffic and conversations for these brands. Many of the speakers are MFAA award winners and finalists so it is a great opportunity to hear from some of the best community champions

Secure your ticket now.​

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