The MFAA welcomes two new directors, Sarah Wells and Kathryn Harrison, to the MFAA Board.

The election results were announced at the MFAA Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in Sydney on Wednesday 21 November.

Sarah is the founding Director of Sarah Wells Enterprises, based in Western Australia. Possessing 22 years industry experience, she currently specialises in providing industry-leading financial solutions for health and medical professionals. Kathryn of Smartline Mortgage Advisers, based in Queensland, is also a seasoned broker with over 20 years of board and committee experience.

MFAA Ch​airman Donna Beazley welcomed the appointments, which she said ensured the ongoing capability and efficacy of the Board as the industry continues to navigate through a challenging environment of regulatory change and scrutiny.

Ms Beazley also thanked departing Directors, stating, “The MFAA Board wishes to recognise outgoing Directors Tim Donahoo and Scott Bolton and to thank them for their service to the MFAA and the mortgage industry. Tim and Scott have both provided exemplary service to the MFAA and the industry, devoting significant time, effort and energy to the Association, which has benefited greatly from their dedication and expertise. We are most grateful to them both for all of their outstanding work.”

MFAA CEO Mike Felton welcomed the announcement and said that he looked forward to continuing to work closely with Donna and the Board as the MFAA continues to strongly represent the industry through what will no doubt be another year bringing significant change.

The new MFAA Board of Directors consists of Donna Beazley, Melissa Gielnik, Rose de Rossi, Vladimir Malcik, Joshua Hatten, Sarah Wells and Kathryn Harrison. 

More information about the MFAA’s Board and the election process can be found on these links:

Download the press release here.