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Managing work-life as a regional broker

David Coyner, Riverland Lending Services

As a mortgage broker, your resilience is tested everyday – and that can occur simply during the normal course of business.

For Riverland Lending Services agribusiness manager David Coyner it’s not only his resilience he finds himself having to manage.

In our eBook Balancing work, life and everything else David talks about how he helps his clients while managing long hours on the road.

David says resilience in some farming communities has been significantly challenged in recent years as poor seasons have impacted on financial returns and there are now some parts of regional South Australia that the banks will no longer lend to.

He says having resources available to brokers like the MFAA’s Accidental Counsellor program have helped better equip him to identify when his customers are suffering mental health challenges and how to help them seek professional help where it is needed.

David, who has two daughters aged under four, also says protecting family time, maintaining a strong network of friends, and ensuring he gets adequate exercise and rest are things that help keep him on track with his time management and business goals.

“My high-performance coach is an ex-athlete, so we work on tying nutrition, exercise and sleep all together” David said.

“The gym has been a very good thing for me.”

He said he also ensures he has adequate down-time, having honest and open conversations with close mates and leans on his wife to help him manage the stresses of running a business.

Download the eBook Balancing work, life and everything else to read David’s story and his tips for other brokers.

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