The MFAA consumer website and broker search engine, Mortgage and Finance Help, receives over 1 million searches each quarter, according to Google Analytics.

Recently we analysed these interactions and found some common themes that consumers have used in Google to find relevant information when considering home loans.

The top 5 searches are below:

  1. Funding a renovation (note: this search was more than three times higher than any other)
  2. Can I use home equity to buy a house?
  3. Things to look at in an open house
  4. Buying a property as a group
  5. Parties involved in a real estate transaction.


What does this mean for you?

By using this market intelligence, you can develop content for your website that aligns with these search terms thereby driving potential customers to your website.

The easy way is to write short articles that include the keywords from the search terms above. This will improve the SEO of your website thereby driving traffic to your website ensuring your brand is front of mind for the consumer.

How do I implement this on my website or social?

Here is an example of how you can use the search term ‘Can I use equity to buy a house?’

When developing the article content consider these key principles:

  • Title: use the keywords home, equity, and buy in the heading of your article. For example, ‘Are you considering using your existing home equity to buy another house?”
  • Body copy: - again use the keywords home, equity, and buy. For example,

At AAA Brokers, we are loan experts that can show you the pathway to using existing home equity and taking your next step to buying an investment property. As credit experts we have access to multiple lending options to fit your potential needs.

Contact us for a free Zoom chat to discuss this great option for you or answer our checklist “Top 5 questions you need to answer before buying an investment property.”

They key factor in the body of the message is that it offers a call to action. There are two options, either a free face-to-face conversation or the more passive checklist so they can evaluate their needs privately before contacting you.

Both combined increase your chances of getting better qualified leads from this article or post.

Why not give it a go by writing your own article and testing your audience? The MFAA can also help by checking your ideas through our free marketing consultations.