A contracting housing market, tightening lending conditions and slow economic growth could be impacting the financial futures of your customers, colleagues and family.

As they consider their uncertain futures, their mental health, personal relationships and social welfare may begin to suffer.

Mental illness, suicide, domestic violence, financial crisis and trauma are just a few of the critical issues affecting many in our community and in our industry.

In your day-to-day contact with clients and colleagues, you may be one of the first to come across someone experiencing these challenges. Or you may be experiencing some challenges yourself.

Do you know how to respond?

Responding to a person who is struggling to cope can be challenging.

Accidental Counsellor is aimed at equipping you with the ability and confidence to recognise customers, colleagues and others who are struggling; to respond in an appropriate way; and to help them take the next steps so they can get the support they need.

"I really enjoyed the event and it is one of the most relevant I have seen to address the fact that we deal with people's lives every day and can have a big impact," Anonymous pilot-event attendee.

"...I raved about this course to everyone for a week afterwards," Anonymous pilot-event attendee.

"Great initiative and one the industry can benefit from," Anonymous pilot-event attendee.

Accidental Counsellor is delivered to you exclusively by Lifeline Harbour to Hawkesbury.

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