Global Money Week 2019 (25 – 31 March) is fast approaching, so to help you, the MFAA has made available a variety of free resources that members can use to deliver financial literacy programs in local schools.

The Global Money Week InitiativeGlobal Money Week all-year around – calls on MFAA members to deliver pre-designed one-hour financial literacy lessons to the school-aged children (Primary School, year 7-9, and/or year 10-12 High School) of your local communities, either at schools, youth community groups or sports clubs.

The Global Money Week Initiative endeavours to teach children and adolescents important, but often overlooked, financial knowledge and skills – financial literacy – at critical times in their development. Topics covered include needs vs wants, saving and budgeting, internet banking and buying smarter.

Finance brokers are ideally positioned to deliver The Global Money Week Initiative because of their day-to-day experience dealing with unique and varied financial scenarios; because many are small-to-medium business owners; because they have a real appreciation for education; and because brokers also have strong community ties.

To deliver The Global Money Week Initiative, you choose your week – it doesn't need to be presented during Global Money Week 2019 (25 – 31 March). You can choose the school and present to the students – either the standard presentation or one you have tailored to suit your style - and dramatically improve kids’ financial literacy.

Presenting The Global Money Week Initiative to children and the community is a very rewarding experience. You are ensuring that the next generation of Australians have the core financial literacy knowledge, skills and abilities needed to participate and thrive in adult life. You are also inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs and professionals. This helps you build stronger and deeper ties between you, your business, and your local community.

MFAA members can get involved by visiting to download the free-for-members presentations and resources.