With the Royal Commission's final report due to be released by 1 February, the MFAA would like to remind all brokers and industry stakeholders to continue supporting the variety of aggregator advocacy campaigns and initiatives that have recently been launched. These campaigns are designed to remind the public - and policy and decision makers - of the value mortgage brokers provide, and highlight the impact of any changes that may be made to the broker channel.

Connective has recently launched the #choicematters campaign, highlighting the value, service and choice brokers provide to home buyers. Campaigns from aggregators AFG and Loan Market are also currently live.

The goal of Connective's #choicematters campaign is to have customers pledge support for their mortgage broker, and to encourage the networks of brokers to pledge too. The website has gathered more than 2,000 pledges from the industry and general public since it was launched just prior to Christmas 2018.

According to Glenn Lees, Connective CEO, "Connective is proud to introduce the #choicematters campaign to gather support for our brokers, from you and the broader community, to send a message to policy makers about the important role that mortgage brokers play in the lives of everyday Australians, to ensure we keep our mortgage industry healthy and competitive. Mortgage brokers provide great value, great service and most importantly, choice. And #choicematters."

Connective brokers can access the campaign's assets via their online platforms, and all brokers and customers can pledge their support for mortgage brokers via the #choicematters website here.

During this time, your industry needs you, the broker, to actively engage with these campaigns for them to be effective and in order to provide you with an opportunity to create real change.