Many brokers come to us and say that they have no trouble setting up their social media profiles but they have difficulty in getting their content noticed by prospective leads. So how do you increase your organic reach and ensure that your content is optimised to target your intended consumer market?

The MFAA offers a range of resources and tools to help brokers develop their knowledge to create their social media image. One of these tools, the MFAA learning hub course ‘Social Media Fundamentals for Brokers’ offers an in depth breakdown of the different platforms, how to set up a profile and more. Interested in getting a taste of what the MFAA Social Media course has to offer? Read on below for 3 of our best tips on how to improve your social media reach and how to improve your exposure. Did you miss part 1? Access the first article of our series here.


1. Tag and be tagged

Part of being found online includes making sure your social media content reaches its audience. You can ensure your content has the best organic reach by not only using relevant hashtags but by also tagging your business, your clients, and services you use.

Why do I need to tag someone who is already following me? Tagging can potentially increase your organic reach. By tagging a client featured in a photo, a review or even tagging a service provider you engaged with for a deal, you can expose your content to a greater audience market. This is because content that is tagged can be exposed to these individuals’ connections.

Having your content seen by your clients’ connections can be of benefit because similar people tend to have similar interests and be at similar stages in their lives. A person who is a cat enthusiast is most likely connected to fellow cat enthusiasts, a person looking for a home loan is often connected to other people who are also looking for a home loan.

By tagging your content you have the potential to reach an audience with similar needs and interests to the person mentioned.


2. Follow and interact with relevant social groups

If your services are focused in a particular city or suburb, try looking on social platforms such as Facebook for local groups and communities. These groups are often very active, and they provide you a digital platform to reach your local communities. These groups can also help you better understand where to take on local brand advertising. Strategise around the types of questions posted and look at local community centres and functions that people attend.

Many individuals do feature their services in these groups through posts but before you do, make sure to check your Facebook community’s guidelines.

Targeting your consumer market


3. Post at the ideal times for your customers

We have all heard of there being a prime time to post social media content however this time is not the same for everyone. Your customers are unique to you and your services, your location, and your products. To find out what the best time to post is, start by looking at similar businesses to yours and take inspiration from their posting schedule. More importantly, have a look at your own analytics and see what times your audience tends to engage with content on social media.

From here you can start to schedule your content. To further improve your reach at optimal times, measure your content performance and view your analytics on your social media platforms to see what posts performed the best and when. Make a note of this and adjust your content scheduling accordingly and remember, practice makes perfect. You won’t become a social media super star overnight and your content will require reviewing and tailoring as your brand grows and adapts to the best suited digital platform(s).

Look at online engagement

Stay tuned for our next feature on improving your digital presence to find out how to increase your organic reach on social and more. Want to get started with learning all the fundamentals of social media for brokers? Register for the MFAA Learning Hub course ‘Social Media Fundamentals for Brokers’ here.