Please provide the following items so we can complete your request:

  1. The attached declaration completed, signed and dated by each of the directors
  2. AFCA membership certificate in the name of the business
  3. Certificate of currency of Professional Indemnity insurance in the name of the business.

Additionally, if you have directors of the company who are not MFAA members, we also require for each Director/Partner/Principal a certified copy of copy of their National Criminal History (a record check) and a certified ID document (drivers licence, passport etc) for each person.

As you will be the nominated representative, and you are already a MFAA member, we do not require any additional documents for you.

Please download the form here.

Please complete the form and email it, with applicable documents, to:

We will advise you if there are differences in fees due. Please refer to our table of fees .

Once completed, a new Membership certificate and Statement of Attainment will be issued in your name. We will advise you if there are differences in fees due

Please note that any reference to you personally being a MFAA member will need to be removed from websites, letterhead, brochures etc, as the membership will now belong to the Business.