Change the Nominated Representative of a Business Membership

A business member is able to change the Nominated Representative of its business membership.

If the new Nominated Representative is an existing MFAA member, we can simply swap them immediately. Please advise their details.

If the new Nominated Representative is not an existing MFAA member, there are two options:

1. If the Nominated Representative is a Loan Writer, we require:

2. If the Nominated Representative is not a Loan Writer, there must be a Loan Writing member employed by the business. Please advise us of the name of this person. The Nominated Representative would need to supply:

  • a certified copy of your National Criminal History Record Check (no more than 3 months old)
  • a certified copy of an Identification Document
  • a copy of your Credit Report (no more than 3 months old)
  • a copy of your current Resume / Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Note that the MFAA CEO may in exceptional circumstances waive one or more of the above requirements.

Please advise which of the above options suits you and we will send through the appropriate information.

Send your request and documents (where required) to:

Once completed, a new Statement of Attainment will be issued in your name as the Nominated Representative of the business. The Membership Certificate remains unchanged.

Note that any reference to the previous Nominated Representative being a MFAA member will need to be removed from websites, letterhead, brochures etc.