05 Nov 2020
Syd / Mel: 14:00
Bris: 13:00
Perth: 11:00

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Maintaining customer loyalty is an ongoing priority for mortgage brokers. Have you ever considered this loyalty and how customers choose the way they get their next loan? This informative session delves into the results of a home loan study on the drivers of borrower loyalty and more. 


Learning objectives

  • Discover effective communication channels with borrowers after settlement
  • Examine the type of emails consumers do and don't like to recieve
  • Uncover the key differences between broker vs direct to bank customers and their motivations
  • Find out how to promote ongoing trust with your customer after years


Presented by

Paul Smith, General Manager, AcctivePipe

Paul Smith is the General Manager of the Mortgage Broker Channel at ActivePipe. His business helps hundreds of mortgage brokers throughout Australia build and maintain relationships with their databases through with the help of technology. 


Zarko Jokic,State Manager - Business Development NSW/ACT, MFAA
Zarko Jokic

Zarko works with people across our industry to find their strengths and challenge their weaknesses to drive better results through focus and process improvement. People are inherently good. People will be positive when the environment they find themselves in is positive. His work with aggregators, lenders, business owners and consumers all share the same common goal; position finance brokers as the professionals of choice in the mortgage and finance industry. The most rewarding aspect of the work that Zarko does is seeing a business owner progress from a zero start to a profitable and consistent business.