29 Apr 2021
Syd / Mel: 14:00
Bris: 14:00
Perth: 12:00

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How vulnerable is your business to data breaches and cyber threats?

Nick Graham, National Insurance broking executive at Cyber Indemnity Solutions (CIS), will demonstrate how easy it is for your small to medium business to lose its data, revenue and reputation through cyber threats.

This webinar is a must for anyone who uses a computer in their broking business. All participants will learn how to spot vulnerabilities in their current cyber systems and how to easily fix them.


Learning outcomes


At the end of this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Understand the impact cyber security has on the mortgage broking industry
  • Recognise the most common ways breaches occur in the workplace
  • Understand how data breaches impact your business
  • Recognise how to reduce risks and protect your business, staff and clients from cyber threats.


Presented by

Nick Graham, National Insurance broking executive, Cyber Indemnity Solutions (CIS)
NIck Graham, CIS

Nick Graham, National Insurance broking executive at Cyber Indemnity Solutions (CIS), has managed IT services for the last 14 years within his own businesses and those aligned with him. It was through his own cyber/internet struggles as an SME that he recognised the need for a comprehensive level of Cyber Security protection without the high fees associated with it. Nick is also in the final stages of completing a Masters of Cyber Security to align current cyber information with experience in the information security field.

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