MFAA members who are loan writers and have less than two years of experience are required to be 'mentored' - a professional relationship in which an experienced broker (the mentor) partners with, and assists, a new-to-industry broker (the mentee) to develop and grow their broking, business and personal knowledge, skills and abilities.

Mentoring is an effective and efficient business development process for ‘new to industry’ entrants, and will help to get you up to speed fast.

Mentoring provides structure, systems, guidance, process, clearly defined and measurable outcomes, and encouragement over the first two years of a new entrant's journey as a loan writer.

The MFAA’s analysis shows that through a successful mentoring program, the mentee's chances of establishing themselves and succeeding as a broker are drastically increased.

The MFAA offers a variety of resources, programs and support for those at all stages of the mentoring cycle, from those looking to undergo mentoring to those experienced brokers looking to become mentors.

Are you ready to be mentored?

Find out how to choose the right mentor, and what to expect here.

Or if you are actively looking to be mentored, mentoring can be undertaken in two ways: Using your own mentor or by undertaking MFAA’s Mentoring Program.