The MFAA actively participates in Australian communities - both broker communities and public communities. Our 13,000 plus members cover Australia and their work is often about enabling everyday Australians to purchase their biggest asset - the family home.

Our corporate social responsibility initiatives come under the banner of MFAA COMMUNITY.

Our core broker programs include:

The Global Money Week Initiative

An annual international money awareness celebration which engages children worldwide in learning how money works, including saving, creating livelihoods, gaining employment, and entrepreneurship.

The MFAA, in partnership with its members – finance brokers, lenders, aggregators and industry-suppliers – leads the way in delivering Global Money Week in Australia, encouraging members and their local community to connect with, start the conversation, and co-deliver these important financial literacy lessons to children and adolescents through schools, sports clubs and youth community groups.

The Global Money Week Initiative – Global Money Week presented all year round – calls on MFAA-member finance brokers to deliver pre-designed one hour financial literacy lessons to the school aged children of their local communities.

The Global Money Week Initiative lesson can be presented whenever you want – throughout the year!

Lessons are designed to be fun, simple to deliver, and age-specific, targeted at the age groups:

• Primary School children
• Year 7-9 High School Children
• Year 10-12 High School Children

The Global Money Week Initiative looks to teach children and adolescents important, but often overlooked, financial knowledge and skills – financial literacy – at critical times in their development.

Visit The Global Money Week Initiative website here to find out more.

MFAA School Entrepreneurs program

Developed in conjunction with one of the country’s top brokers, Mhairi Macleod of Astute Ability Finance, this High School Curriculum-aligned program teaches year 9-10 business studies, commerce and economics High School students the fundamentals of running a real start-up business. The program is based on a real-life pilot program and the MFAA provides the necessary tools to assist brokers to connect with their local community.