MFAA Groundbreakers

​​In a new interview series titled 'MFAA Groundbreakers', the MFAA marketing team speaks to brokers who are making waves in the industry. 

Bernard Desmond Black_Circle.jpg​​

The fears and rewards of becoming a broker

Bernard Desmond

​From building a new client base to adapting to lender policy changes, being a young broker has its fair share of challenges. The MFAA spoke to Bernard Desmond (pictured above) about his fears and aspirations of the new job, and how he deals with them. 


Mary Degetto_Circle_2.png

Why your prospects don’t see your brand

Mary Degetto (Part 1.)

Chances are you’ve hunted, tried and tested every marketing strategy you can find.  ​The hard lesson to learn is there are no quick fixes or all-in-one marketing miracles. Natloan’s director and TV co-host of Dollars with Sense, Mary shares her top tips to utilise social media marketing as a tool for new business opportunities.

How brokerages can avoid social media marketing failure

Mary Degetto (Part 2.)

It may sound obvious, but the reputational value of a professional 'social' presence may be more than you think.  Luckily, most online platforms provide a range of metrics which brokerages can use to see if you're achieving your objectives.​ In part two of our interview with Mary Degetto, Natloans director and TV co-host for Dollars With Sense, she debunks the social media marketing myths of budgeting and lead-generation for brokers.