Partner with the leading industry association

Partnering with the MFAA provides a business opportunity to connect with the greater majority of finance brokers in Australia. MFAA members are the best performing (at the 2016 AMA 90% of the winners were MFAA members), best educated (MFAA insists on an industry high diploma requirement) and most active online digital partners (MFAA LinkedIn for members is the industries largest peer group).

The MFAA partners with business to create win-win outcomes. Our partners and sponsors demonstrate their commitment to the industry and their support of key MFAA programs and initiatives.

The MFAA uses the support received for a wide variety of activities including our National Roadshow, Excellence Awards or our year-round State events. Our programs, awards and continuing professional development ensure that MFAA members are recognised as the most trusted source of credit advice in the marketplace.

Our industry partnerships offer broad year-round benefits which can be tailored to your strategic and marketing objectives.  In addition, we are also able to create programs specifically for you.

No matter what your budget or your target market, we are happy to discuss and explore opportunities with you.

Our partners and sponsors are respected and recognised for the investment they make into the industry.  They gain regular networking opportunities to promote their services/ products and expand relationships.

For your opportunity to be a partner of the peak industry body, please contact the MFAA's Head of Communication and Marketing, Stephen Hale.


MFAA National Sponsors


Principal Industry Partner

  Commonwealth Bank  


Platinum Industry Partner



Silver Sponsors

ING Direct NAB Next Gen




Bronze Sponsors

AAMC Training   ALI
AS White Bluestone Cash Deck
Choice Aggregation Connective CoreLogic


Get Capital
La Trobe Macquarie ME
My Connect ondeck  
Pepper Money QBE Rate Setter
Spectrum Wealth Suncorp Trade Book Loans
Valenta BPO    


Other sponsors and partners



Awards / Exhibitors / State

AMP Aussie Finsure
Heritage Keystart Home Loans Teachers Mutual


  South Australia / Northern Territory  
  Gold state sponsor  
  Adelaide Bank


  Bronze state sponsor  




  Western Australia  
  Gold state sponsor  
  P&N Bank


  Silver state sponsors