The MFAA recognises the importance of developing improved strategies to attract and retain brokers to support industry growth, in both volumes, market share and member quality.

To achieve this, the MFAA has identified that the industry'sw young bprofessionals, members 35 years of age and under, are an important segment vital to achieving this, and therefore, it will be imperative to have access to improved data on young professionals (YP) as well as garner a better understanding of the existing YP challenges and barriers to success within our industry.

For this reason, the MFAA undertakes regular research, and runs regular panels, to determine what motivates young professionals to join the industry, and their challenges, aspirations and outlooks, compared with those of established brokers.


Young Professionals Report

From the research and panels, the MFAA has produced the Young Professional Report, a guide to help enable the industry to develop programs to better recruit younger brokers, and also to help form strategies to maintain and retain them.

DOWNLOAD: MFAA Young Professionals Report 2017/18


The MFAA Young Professionals panel

As at 1 July 2018

Christie-David, Atelier Wealth
Tommy Lim, SF Capital
Bianca Patterson, Calculated Lending
Iva Rasic, BorrowRight
Dylan Salotti, Divitis Finance & Mortgage Broking
Donald Tang, Alliance Mortgage Solutions
Justin Vella, BCP Finance
Sophia Wu, LESC Financial Services
Joel Wyld, Peasy
Michael Arbon, KeyInvest Lending Services
Natalie Baljak, Australian Healthcare Advisors
BROKER MODERATOR: Tim Reynolds, Accession Finance


The MFAA Young Professionals program is in partnership with:

Connective Mortgage Aggregator