The Value of Mortgage Broking Report

Commissioned by The Mortgage Broking Industry Group (MBIG), and compiled by Deloitte Access Economics, The Value of Mortgage Broking Report demonstrates the value that our industry brings to consumers, lenders and the Australian economy, by driving competition and delivering greater choice and valuable services to the Australians who need them most.

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Deloitte/ MFAA Market Research Report: - Brokers and Lenders Delivering Satisfied Customers

We surveyed over 1,000 customers who had taken out a home loan in the two years from September 2014, either via a mortgage broker or directly with a lender. We also held three focus groups with customers to hear their experience of the process they had been through.

Mortgage Broker Remuneration Structures Scoping Discussion Paper March 2016

MFAA position and response:

The MFAA broadly supports the ASIC Scoping Document into Broker Remuneration Review and would like to ensure the Inquiry focuses on consumer outcomes for residential mortgage lending within this review due to the detailed Scope and tight timeframes.

Successful outcomes from the Inquiry will need to be data-driven where possible. The MFAA encourages ASIC to consider the timing of the data requests, and the response times provided to industry participants. Data gathering is likely to be onerous and time consuming for many MFAA members.

MFAA Industry Intelligence Service- Finance Broker Benchmarking Report March 2016

The second edition of the MFAA’s IIS has been produced during arguably one of the most challenging and dynamic periods for residential home loan origination.

In this cycle, the most solid, comprehensive submissions of industry, market and operational data were received from thirteen leading broker groups, accounting for sixteen businesses for the six month period of 1st October 2015 to 31st March 2016.

The MFAA was established in 1980 to provide service and representation for professional finance brokers comprising mortgage and finance brokers and intermediaries, mortgage management businesses, non-bank lenders and aggregators.

Through advocacy, it strives to inform and influence decisions within political, economic, and social systems and institutions as they pertain to the finance intermediation industry and specifically to the Mortgage and Finance sector.

MFAA Broker Study report - Observations on the value of mortgage broking May 2015

This study, prepared by EY on behalf of the MFAA, examines the value of mortgage brokers to both lenders and customers.

Amongst other findings, this study found that in pursuing a partnership model with brokers, most lenders noted that the broker channel facilitates a need that is demanded by the customer and therefore is managed actively as part of a broader channel strategy. It also found that mortgagees who have used the broker channel generally have high levels of satisfaction and advocacy as they feel a broker provides access to a wide range of products, matches customers with the most suitable product and takes the stress out of the arrangement process.

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