Strategic Pillars and Objectives

Advocacy, promotion and member engagement:

Shaping and influencing


  1. Enhance, build and maintain effective relationships with government, regulators, media and other key stakeholders;
  2. Vigorously advocate on behalf of the mortgage broking industry and educate stakeholders about the broker value proposition;
  3. Inform consumers and other stakeholders about the stringent professional standards set by the MFAA and the mortgage broking industry;
  4. Consult and engage with members via Regulatory Roundtables, Member Forums, National Forums, MFAA communications and other means; and
  5. Provide government and regulators with credible and persuasive submissions that are in the best interests of our members and the industry.

Education, training and events:

Enabling and informing


  1. Set industry benchmarks in education, professional standards and professional development programs;
  2. Deliver a National Roadshow and other events that provide relevant education to enhance the success of our members and underpin the professional recognition of our industry; and
  3. Acknowledge and celebrate the professional achievements of our members at State and National Excellence Awards.

Professionalism and sustainability:

Building confidence and trust


  1. Maintain and improve the MFAA Code of Practice and professional standards of our industry;
  2. Continue to implement corporate governance improvements that best serve the interests of MFAA members;
  3. Attract new members to join the industry’s premier industry body; and
  4. Provide frameworks that support our corporate social responsibility objectives and the delivery of industry-wide community engagement.

Membership services and support:

Developing and strengthening


  1. Deliver business building skills, tools and support services to enhance the success of our members;
  2. Provide industry benchmarking data, information and reporting to our members; and
  3. Be a hub of valued information for finance brokers.

Monitor and evaluate emerging opportunities and threats:

Protecting and nurturing


  1. Identify, monitor, evaluate and effectively respond to emerging opportunities and threats;
  2. Collaborate with other industry associations where appropriate; and
  3. Stay at the forefront of industry developments.