Being a member of the MFAA carries important responsibilities and opportunities that benefit finance brokers individually and the industry as a whole.

Members agree to adhere to the MFAA Code of Practice that requires them to conduct their businesses to the highest level of professional standards for finance brokers in Australia.

Adhering to the Code helps ensure consumer confidence in our industry. Consumer confidence in the industry is critical to the success of each and every finance broker in Australia.

The Code is administered by the MFAA Tribunal. The Tribunal has the power to expel, suspend and sanction members where appropriate.

Members also have many opportunities to engage directly with the MFAA, via industry Forums, to provide their input on industry policies, advocacy and other activities.

The MFAA also recognises members for their exemplary services to the industry and consumers; and as necessary under the MFAA Constitution and Disciplinary Rules, the MFAA Tribunal has the power to issue determinations to expel and suspend members and to cancel membership where appropriate.