The MFAA Responds To Shoddy 'Straw Poll' Results

26 February 2013

The Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia has called The Adviser’s “straw poll” of mortgage brokers misleading, deceptive and a stain on all mortgage brokers.

The poll claimed the majority of mortgage brokers believe that the industry associations “do not deliver tangible benefits”, quoting just one negative broker.

Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia Chief Executive Officer Phil Naylor said, “It is sad that a trade magazine, which supposedly represents an industry, can be both misleading and fail in a basic test to provide worthwhile information and news to its subscribers.

“For the sake of a cheap headline, The Adviser has lazily gone out and taken a “straw poll” supposedly of about 10 per cent of mortgage brokers, with a view to besmirching the name of the industry association, which represents their interests to government and the business sector, as well as the general public.

“The magazine did not seek comment from the MFAA. It is a low point in the trade publishing and the MFAA calls for more responsibility on the part of the magazine to reflect the truth.

“The industry has never been more strongly lead by the MFAA, which supplies a broad range of services to about 10,500 MFAA members, covering accreditation, education and training, dispute resolution and lobbying.

“The success of MFAA’s leadership will be on full show this Friday night at the MFAA National Excellence Awards in Melbourne. It is no coincidence that the magazine, which operates it own awards, would attack the MFAA in the week of our national awards”, concluded Mr Naylor.

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